About Us

Welcome to our small business nestled in the heart of Maryland, USA, where we celebrate the art of photography and the joy of family connections. At Pixymags, we specialize in crafting handmade photo magnets, each lovingly created to preserve your cherished memories. Our passion for photography fuels our commitment to providing you with a unique and personalized way to showcase your favorite moments. We understand the power of a photograph to evoke emotions and bring people together, which is why we take pride in offering a product that not only captures memories but also fosters a sense of togetherness. Whether it's a snapshot of a special milestone, a candid family moment, or a scenic landscape, we believe that every photograph tells a story worth sharing. Let us help you turn your precious memories into timeless keepsakes that will adorn your fridge and bring smiles to your face every time you pass by. Thank you for choosing Pixymags, where we combine our love for photography with our dedication to bringing families closer together, one magnet at a time.